Moment's Notice

Everything i do is about the moment. The moment i capture in photographs, the moment i act and react in a jazz improvisation, the moments i live through on a run. The moments i experience in my life every day. It is all connected and can and should be written and talked about.

The Making Of: "The Future Is Behind Me"

"The Future Is Behind Me" 7 exposures ranging from 1/3 sec to 30 sec, f/8, ISO 100, tripod mounted, merged in Lightroom, edited in Photoshop using Nik Color Efex Pro and Nik Silver Efex Pro. Lens: Nikon 35mm, f/1.8G, Camera: Nikon D7100

But the present I look upon, seems to be confusing, so many lines in the sand, reflections on the surface and shadows in the corners and it all leaves a darkness in my past that leaves me afraid to turn around.

On an evening like any other, I walked through the living room and as I looked at the dinner table with the chairs and the arc light overhead and I saw this image. I sat down with my tripod and camera about two meters away and took the exposures I needed as I wanted this to be not really just a silhouette without featureless black, but to be rather dark on the top and bright enough at the bottom to not lose the reflections on the ground.

The table had been there for more than a year now and the lamp for a couple of months, so I see this setup pretty much every night. But it takes not only looking at it but maybe a mood, maybe something one was thinking about that day or in that moment, it all has to come together for this to be the moment for this image to be recorded.

As usual, I wanted to add some words to it and sometimes when I do this, I have to sit there and look at the image and wait for the feeling I have to manifest and then let the words come. And with these words, I don't try to set a meaning or a feeling that I'd think the viewer has to understand or feel for themselves. It is just what I feel or what I see in this image.

And so as I was looking at the image the next day, the metaphor this picture is for me, struck me all of a sudden and it seemed perfectly clear to me. I am curious as to what people looking at this image feel.