Moment's Notice

Everything i do is about the moment. The moment i capture in photographs, the moment i act and react in a jazz improvisation, the moments i live through on a run. The moments i experience in my life every day. It is all connected and can and should be written and talked about.

Don't Forget The Heritage

The 1950s Kodak Retina II as seen through a 2016 Nikon D7100

Today I was taking some images of my Kodak Retina II which friends gave to me some 25 years ago. At the time I was sharing an apartment with Jörg Wüstkamp, who got me started on photography. He was doing film photography then and I guess they thought I might be interested too. And I did take some pictures with the Kodak, but the whole darkroom business wasn't for me really. It was only later when it all went digital, that I got interested.

But although I am very aware of the history of photography as you can tell by my admiration for Steglitz, Adams, Weston, Evans, and others, I don't feel like I have to pay my dues by doing film photography. Even when I am doing exclusively digital photography, it doesn't mean I betrayed the heritage of analog photography. Just as I can think of the Nikon DSLR in this picture as a beautiful thing in its own right just as the Kodak.

I don't have to compare them, rank them or judge them. I just have to acknowledge both of them. The cameras and the art forms.