Moment's Notice

Everything i do is about the moment. The moment i capture in photographs, the moment i act and react in a jazz improvisation, the moments i live through on a run. The moments i experience in my life every day. It is all connected and can and should be written and talked about.

She'll Keep Coming

Build whatever you want, you can’t keep her out forever. She was there before us and she’ll be there when we’re long gone. And whenever she’s coming across that wall you remember this: If she didn’t take you, it’s not because she couldn’t. She just wasn’t interested.

This picture was taken from a boat leaving Malia port this September. These sea walls look really serious though you wouldn't think the Aegean would ever be that wild. On that day we got away with a roller coaster kind of ride. The blue in the sky and the water was unreal so I really had to tone it down in the photograph for the color version. Even though I knew it really was like that I found it too harsh.